Samsung Galaxy S3 Problem with Auto Vibrate

galaxy s3 problem with auto vibrate

Recently, we received this email through Mailbag,“I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 problem. I’m noticing that when I make a call out my phone jumps to vibrate mode.

The Possible Causes of the Auto Vibrate Galaxy S3 Problem

This is rather an unusual case. But I think that there’s an app causing the issue. Upon doing my research, I found that there are some people experiencing this Galaxy S3 problem too but with a slight variation of what triggers it.

In the Android Central forum, a number of users said that they get the same Galaxy S3 problem when making calls. Some mentioned that the issue pops out while their phones are idle while others stated that it is triggered whenever they receive calls.

According to the people in the said forum, they traced back the problem in some apps installed in their phones. One said that it was a prayer app causing it. But majority of the people there said that it was the AVG software installed in their devices.

The Possible Solutions to the Auto Vibrate Galaxy S3 Problem

Since AVG is likely the culprit, try disabling it if you have it in your device and attempt to make calls to see whether the problem still occurs. Do the same if you have some prayer apps installed. If your phone works well while these are disabled, you should uninstall them to fix the issue.

If you have none of these installed, try disabling the previous apps you got before this particular Galaxy S3 problem started happening. Another way to see if a recently installed apps is causing it is by entering Safe Mode. Then, attempt to make calls while under that mode.

When experiencing this Galaxy S3 problem even after uninstalling your recent apps won’t work, perform a Factory Reset. Be sure to backup your data prior to that though.

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