Galaxy S3 Multi-Window Problem

galaxy s3 multi window

The multi-window function Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely one of the most useful features of the device. It enables its user to perform multiple tasks at the same time using split screen. However, some users seem to have found problems in that particular feature.

Here is a problem related to us by one sender in The Droid Guy Mailbag:

I have encountered a problem with my brand new Samsung Galaxy S3. Its multi-window keeps shutting down on its own. I can’t factory reset it without wiping out very important data in my phone. Please tell me a solution.

A Look at the Possible Cause of the Galaxy S3 Multi-Window Problem

So far, there’s not much information online that could provide the exact cause of this problem. But many Galaxy S3 users have aired their concern about this problem through various forums of different websites including our own. Several users say that the new feature itself is buggy when it was released. This is probably the reason why even people who just bought their Galaxy S3 are already experiencing frequent crashing while the multi-window function is active.

A Look at the Possible Solutions of the Galaxy S3 Multi-Window Error

If the problem has been inherent ever since the Galaxy S3 was brought, a Factory Reset may not solve the issue (though it is still worth a try). But before considering this option, you might want to try these alternatives first:

1. Some carriers which are offering this feature have already released OTA updates that contain a fix for this particular Galaxy S3 problem. So, if an update is available in your location or carrier, simply download and install it to your phone to eliminate the problem.

2. You may also want to toggle the multi-window settings of your Galaxy S3 by disabling it and enabling it again. A number of users who used to be troubled by this issue said that this worked for them.

3. Try closing apps that are not in use or the ones that you have installed before you noticed the problem since some apps have the tendency to disrupt the native functions of the Galaxy S3. Among the common suspects that cause numerous glitches such as this are anti-virus apps.

4. If you still get the same error over and over again, you might want to use a substitute app that can do this like Samsung Multi Window Manager and others that can be found in Google Play store. Just remember to disable or remove the native multi window app of your phone first before using alternative apps to prevent conflicts within the system of the Galaxy S3.

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  1. I noticed the tab disappearing too. I found that in order to get the”tab” to appear again, you just hold the escape button down. By holding this down you can quickly turn off and on. My company it’s that it only works with certain apps, not including yahoo email.

  2. I have not had this happen to me. I have had my gs3 since Christmas.. Is it just the people who get it new that have these problems?

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