Galaxy S3 Messages Disappearing

galaxy s3 disappearing messages

A Galaxy S3 user who just got her phone from T-Mobile told us that she has been experiencing problems with her messages. In her email, she told us that her messages have been disappearing from her conversation list.

According to her, the messaging app of the Galaxy S3 would suddenly freeze and all the conversations she has there would suddenly disappear. The problem would be fixed by restarting the phone, but this proved to be such a hassle for her because the process only solves the problem temporarily.

She added that she is only using a stock ROM.

Possible Causes of the Disappearing Messages in the Galaxy S3

It is really hard to say what the source of the problem is since the Galaxy S3 involved is running on stock apps only. So, the problem might be there already when the phone was purchased. It is likely a problem inherent with the Jelly Bean OS said Phandroid. It is possible that the phone has been hacked too or a spy app has been installed without the knowledge of the user added the source.

Possible Solutions to the Disappearing Messages Problem in the Galaxy S3

If the problem has been there since the Galaxy S3 has been purchased, the other solution, aside from calling the dealer or its manufacturer about it, is to reset the device to its Factory Settings.

Since the said Galaxy S3 only runs on stock ROM, then we can discount the possibility that it is caused by a rogue app. But it is possible that an app has been installed without the owner’s knowledge. So, to determine whether a third party app or spy app is causing it, try entering into Safe Mode or perform the solutions here to hunt down spy apps. This is only if you haven’t performed the Factory Reset yet.

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