Galaxy S3 False Text Message Notification – Exploring the Causes and Solutions

Galaxy S3 false notifications

There have been reports from some Samsung Galaxy S3 owners that they keep on getting false text message notifications on their phones. For instance, the indicator would show a number of new or unread messages, but upon checking the messaging app, it would turn out to be a false alarm.

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 False Notification

According to the Phandroid forum, some Galaxy S3 users only noticed the problem when they got a new update for their OS version. It should be noted that we also mentioned a related bug before in our Samsung Galaxy S3 errors, user problems, recommendations and workarounds – Part 9 article.

This problem is very rare and random so only a few are experiencing this. As we have mentioned before, only one out of four developers whom we asked about the problem actually encountered it but this was in the case of the email messaging app. Despite users claiming that a firmware update caused this, the developers who explained to us about the problem dismissed this reason. But still we are left in the dark about the exact factor that is causing the issue.

Possible Solutions to the False Notification of Galaxy S3

There are possible solutions for this problem aside from the usual phone rebooting and factory reset methods, which did not seem to work on many troubled users. We have mentioned one already in our previous article. To check the solution, just click this link and apply the steps enumerated in the email notification discussion.

Alternative Solutions From Other Forums

Two solutions were presented in the Phandroid forum, here’s one:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Access the Developer Options.

3. Uncheck the Do Not Keep Activities section.

Another suggested solution is this:

1. Long press the Home button.

2. Tap the Task Manager app followed by going to the RAM tab.

3. Select the Clear Memory button.

This apparently solves the problem but some say that it does not prevent it from recurring again. Well, it’s better than nothing.

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