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Galaxy Note 3 Release may be Slowed by Production Issues


One problem that manufacturers and consumers will always share are production problems, and every now and then we see up and coming tech that doesn’t make it to market at the time we’ve expected, at least not in the quantity that is demanded.

This may be the case with Samsung’s 2013 phablet, the Galaxy Note 3. The reason behind the production problems lie with the new OLED display being used with the G Note 3 that uses flexible technology to ensure a more durable “unbreakable” screen. According to Asia Economic, Samsung are trying hard to make the OLED panel part of the new Galaxy Note 3 but currently the expected demand for the third G Note far outweigh the amount of flexible OLED displays currently expected to be available at launch.

This means Samsung may have to move to older screen technology to ensure demand is met, although perhaps we’ll still have a chance of getting the flexible OLED display later on along with the other Galaxy Note 3 variants rumored to hit the market.

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