From a Gamer’s Perspective- What’s so Special about the Razer Blade?


You may be hearing a lot of hype about the Razer Blade- a laptop that has managed to pack in a hell of a punch into a body that is thinner than a standing dime.

It looks sleek, it has pretty decent hardware, and will manage to play games just as well as any other high-spec laptop may be able to do, but even with all that, it’s not exactly revolutionary.

It is, however, a Windows experience that could be paralleled to the MacBook for both its pure and raw performance power and it’s beautifully slick design. It may not be to everybody’s taste, but the laptop’s appearance certainly stands out, and it says ‘I’m a laptop built for gaming’ all over it.

But with that kind of message portrayed all over its body, is it really something serious gamers can make the most of?

Yes, some models of the Razer Blade have a brand new Haswell i7 core processer, and it does have enough graphics power to churn through a lot of games, but when compared to a standard gaming PC, its laptop graphics just don’t stand a chance. Gaming PCs of course aren’t mobile like the Razer Blade, but when considering the laptop graphics, and that Blade has a poor lifespan of 6 hours or less, are you really going to be making the most out of your gaming experience?

On top of all that, the Razer Blade’s screen quality on both the 17 and 14 inch models isn’t exactly great, and with a budget much lower than the Razer Blade’s price, (which currently stands at $2000), you’ll probably get a whole lot more out of a custom built gaming rig and an HD TV or monitor.

The Razer Blade is a beautiful piece of kit, and it deserves brownie points for really standing out from the Windows crowd and offering a high-end experience that can fit into something as sleek and as portable as the size it has been made to be, but at the end of the day, no laptop is ever going to beat a gaming PC, and if you’re a PC gamer who cares about performance on the highest of settings, that $2k would probably be better spent on a kick-ass new PC rig.

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