FortressFone claims to be an anti-hacking smartphone

A new device called the FortressFone promises to keep your private data from being accessed by unauthorized persons. It is a timely solution to the growing concern caused by recent security-related issues.


FortressFone is described as an 256-bit AES encrypted device using professional-grade standards defined by the NSA. It is based on the Samsung Galaxy platform, which the phone maker believes to be the best solution for its purpose of providing security.

Setting itself apart from other secure systems, the company claims that it offers a three-tier solution, protecting users on the levels of software, hardware, and operating system. To achieve its goal, Ziklag Systems installs an internally-designed hardened kernel to replace the Android kernel on the smartphone. The Ziklag Systems kernel will be in charge of controlling the various parts of the smartphone that are frequently threatened by security breaches, including the sensors, the microsphones, cameras, radios, internal storage, and USB port. Each FortressFone arrives pre-installed with the security system, as well as a secure SD card.

FortressFone was created by a startup called Ziklag Systems. Ziklag Systems was founded and is headed by Stephen Bryen, who is a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Trade Security Policy in the 80s, and the founder of an organization called the Defense Technology Security Administration. The other members of the Ziklag Systems team are security advocates who have experience in various government and private agencies.

Ziklag Systems explains that today’s mobile devices are vulnerable to various risks. Malware is a common threat, infecting as much as 33 million Android devices in the past year. Mobile devices are also at risk against Spyphones, which are used to collect information from mobile phones. Ziklag Systems says that while government, military, or business leaders are often the target, this does not prevent Spyphone operators from tapping into the information of regular people.

Ziklag Systems’ solution for these smartphone and tablet threats involve “secure mobile technology” that is supposedly tailored to meet the needs of consumers from various sectors, such as information technology, banking and finance, government, defense, and commercial facilities, among others.

The website does not reveal the exact specifications or features of the smartphone, which makes it difficult for consumers to have a clearer picture of the device. Ziklag Systems, however, invites those who are interested to send the company a direct message for an evaluation of one’s security risks and a demonstration of the FortressFone solution.

Would you consider purchasing the FortressFone?

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