Dell puts its name on the list of companies working on wearable devices


Dell is having a rough time at the moment, with Michael Dell and Silver Lake trying to take the company private but being harassed by Carl Icahn to up his money in order to retain his company.

The end goal for Dell is to make a PC the size of a USB-stick and allow the user to stick it into a monitor and make the system work. This is a clever and very optimistic goal, but one cut closer with new mobile devices and the very small micro-components.

Dell may also want to look into the wearables department, with Dell’s Global Vice President of Personal Computing, Sam Burd, stating it is an area they are excited to explore, as PC sales start to shimmer.

The company may look to develop something along the lines set by Pebble or a Google Glass augmented reality experience. The company wants to make the experience well done and something creative that differentiates from the competition.

This is on top of the reformation Dell is currently having from PC to tablets and hybrids. With PC sales down, Windows partners are banking on Windows 8 and its new tablet touch design, although this has come under criticism.

Dell may look to harness the power of this goal to bring a PC to the size of a USB stick and connect this with a smartwatch, which would also be very thin but very powerful.

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