CyanogenMod Nemesis New Camera App Details Revealed

Just recently the team over at CyanogenMod made a teaser announcement over at YouTube about new things to come. Little information was known then regarding this other than what was in the video which said “Something wicked this way comes. Nothing can be perfect. Things can be better. The right person, pixel, look, path, spark, feeling, formula, tap, person, action, reaction, smile, word, music at the right time. The right memories. A new challenger appears. A new Nemesis appears.”

Details of CyanogenMod Nemesis have just been revealed which is reportedly going to be a multi-phase endeavor with the first phase concentrating on the camera app. If you are familiar with the CyanogenMod ROM then you know that once you install it on your device the custom camera app of the manufacturer gets replaced with the stock Android app. While the stock camera app is good it lacks a couple of features that would otherwise make it great.

CyanogenMod nemesis aims to make the camera experience better by introducing the Focal app. This is a camera app that has been redesigned from the ground up comes with amazing features. An early  preview version has been released revealed its functionalities.

Some of the features of Focal include

  • Flash mode: Torch, On, Off, Auto
  • White Balance: Cloudy Outside, Daylight, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Auto
  • Scene Mode: Theater, Sunset, Steady, Sports, Snow, Portrait, Party, Night Portrait, Night, Landscape, HDR, Flowers, Fireworks, Candlelight, Beach, Backlight, Best Shot, Augmented Reality, Auto
  • Color Effects: Neon, Sketch, Emboss, Aqua, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Posterize, Sepia, Polarize, Negative, Black and White, Disabled
  • Exposure
  • Color Enhancements
  • Exposure Measure Mode
  • ISO Sensitivity
  • Burst Mode
  • Timer
  • Settings: Widgets Chooser, Auto-Enhancement, Exposure Ring, Image Size

There are a lot of settings to discover in this new app and if you don’t know what one particular icon stands for you can simply just long press on it to get the details on what it does.

Even at this early beta stage CyanogenMod Focal already looks good. It is going to be available in the nightly builds of the ROM starting next week.

Now that we know what phase one is we are wondering what phase two will be about.

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