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CyanogenMod Portal Finally Gets the Much Needed Revamp

CyanogenMod or CM is the most popular Android custom ROM.  Of late, it has been releasing new ROM builds for all kinds of new devices based on the latest Android versions and they are even working around the clock to make their operating system more integrated with the various Android features such as a more secure messaging service and integration with the stock Android messaging app.  If you have downloaded a custom ROM from, you will agree with me that their site doesn’t quite represent the amazing service and product they offer.  Today, though, the folks have overhauled their download portal and made it more intuitive, easy to navigate and more pleasing to the eye.

Old CyanogenMod portal. Image courtesy of Android Authority
Old CyanogenMod portal. Image courtesy of Android Authority

For a site that lists in excess of 200 devices on a column to the left of the page, the plain design the older site was very frustrating for users looking for a specific item especially since the items were not listed by their model names but rather by their model numbers and code names.  New users particularly had a problem finding the right ROM as even searching the site was quite a task.  One had to know the specific device code or device model number otherwise risk bricking the device by flashing the wrong ROM.

The new ROM Portal is a completely new page, but with the same old soothing blue color code.  It is a major improvement from the old plain portal in that as much as it retains its simplicity, the number of changes made stand out.  Here are some of the most notable changes implemented on the new site:

New CyanogenMod portal. Image courtesy of Android Authority
New CyanogenMod portal. Image courtesy of Android Authority
  • Devices now have pictures.  This addition makes the site more friendly and makes it way easier to select a device.  It reduces the chances of making a wrong choice.
  • Devices are listed by their consumer names first then by their model numbers and code numbers.  This means when you need a new ROM, you will not need to search the web for the device code before finding it on the portal.
  • Having a new device?  You can now search for it on the newly added search bar.  The device list increases by the day and scrolling through the thousands of devices to find the right one can be time consuming and cumbersome.
  • Downloading the latest stable and nightly builds is now easier and quicker as the ROMs are accessible through the device links.

Well, if you are a modder or just a fan of CM, I am sure the update comes as a major relief.  Have a look at the new portal yourself, tell us what you think.

Source: via Android Authority

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