Customized Samsung Galaxy Note II features 288GB of storage, 9300mAh battery

Do you like the Samsung Galaxy Note II, but find that the hardware specifications don’t meet your needs? Check out what one senior member of the xda-developers forum did to the phablet. He bought the Samsung Galaxy Note II, customized it with extra storage, a better battery, and a microSD to SD card converter. The result is a beast of a device, with a massive 288 (that is, 32 + 256) GB of storage, a 9,300 mAh battery, the aforementioned converter, and dual-SIM standby.


The forum member gave the links to the parts that he used to allow others to perform the adjustments themselves, or simply to see how he did the process. The microSD to SD card converter was purchased from linitx, and costs £17.82. From Lexar, he bought a 256GB Professional 600x SDXC UHS-I Card for $999.99. Then from Ebay, he got the ultra-high capacity 8500mAh Extended Battery plus Back Case Cover For Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II, which is created by a third-party manufacturer called ZeroLemon. He also purchased a plastic cover for the handset from Yoybuy. Lastly, he bought the dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Note II with model number N7102 from Samsung China for ¥5,299. Converting everything to US$, his expenses would be above $1,000 for the customized phablet.

To make the customized Galaxy Note II, the forum member had to take the phablet apart to introduce the new components. He likewise needed to make a cut at the rear side of the plastic cover so that the large-capacity battery would fit. The modified handset is definitely much bulkier and heavier than the original sleek and light Samsung Galaxy Note II, but the owner of the device seems pretty pleased with the overall results, and does not report any problems with the modifications.

This pricey DIY project brings attention to the idea that despite the fact that many phone makers are racing to make the world’s thinnest smartphones, it appears that what some consumers want, in fact, are added storage and a more long-lasting battery. Some, like that particular consumer, it seems, are willing to have a bulkier device in exchange for hardware specifications that do fit their needs. Of course, a slim mobile device with a large battery and storage capacity is still ideal, but the ones that phone makers are creating clearly are not meeting the standards of some consumers.

Would you like a customized Samsung Galaxy Note II with the above specifications? Or are you satisfied with those on the original phablet?

via phonearena, xda-developers forum