Comparison of this generation Nexus 7 and the next generation


Apart from looking more sharp and current, the next generation Nexus 7 is going to be longer and thinner, with less bezel on the sides for more screen real estate. We believe Google is trying to get all devices to have a minimal amount of bezel, as we have seen with the recent Moto X press photo leaks.

Due to the wider screen and enhancements to the size of apps, we will see the app draw less crowded, with apps having designated space. We believe the Nexus 7 will arrive with Android 4.3 at the Google event in two days and this will give the tablet faster battery charge and lower consumption and added NFC features.

Of course, we are likely to see Google rollout the Android 4.3 update to the current Nexus 7 and the next generation Nexus 7 at the same time. Google normally sticks with devices for a few years and with the Nexus 7 being one of the biggest tablet products, we can see it being updated for quite some time.

As for price, we are likely to see the Nexus 7 come with 16GB of storage for $229 and 32GB of storage for $269. With the 8GB version of the Nexus 7 really being the big seller, we question if Google is throwing away the biggest money maker by not adding an 8GB version of the next generation Nexus 7.

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