Comparison of Moto X size against other top smartphones


This comparison shows the Moto X phone against some of the biggest names in the mobile industry, from the iPhone 5 at 4-inches to the Samsung Galaxy S4 at 5-inches.

Even though the Moto X seems to be the same size as the iPhone 5, the Moto X has way more screen real estate due to the soft keys, instead of the home button. Against all the other smartphones, the Moto X looks like it has the smallest bezel, although this image is a render and may change when Google officially unveils the phone on August 1.

Another design difference to check out is how the phone is built, unlike the HTC One with a two-tone layer on the front for BoomSound, the front of the Moto X is very minimalist and the two sensors we can see are the front-facing camera and the sensor for the phone to notice if you are taking a call.

Motorola has been known for creating large phones, the Droid MAXX and Droid Ultra both look like they are going to pack some weight. The Moto X looks surprisingly light, especially against the competition on offer. We have yet to check it out, but the size of the phone and the look of the phone give us the idea this will be extremely light and thin.

One question is how the Moto X will stack up against the competition on specs and we believe it will be a rather mid-range device is this department, however Google may make up for it with impressive sensors and other impressive artificial intelligence features.

Source: Imgur

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