Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems and Solutions in Updating and Overheating

Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems and Solutions in Updating and Overheating
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#1 Galaxy S4 OTA Update Won’t Push Through

One Samsung Galaxy S4 user accidentally hit the “Cancel Download” command instead of the “Download Later” option. Now, he is having trouble getting the update.

Despite the update not showing in the Notifications there is another way to get the update. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below:

1. Try if restarting your Galaxy S4 will make the notification appear.

2. If that does not work, press the Menu button.

3. Open Settings.

4. Select the About Device option.

5. Hit Software Update.

6. Tap Update and wait as your device connects to the server. You may notice that your device will black out for a moment. For best results, do not do anything to your device until the update finishes.

7. You will be prompted to install the update, so just select Install and wait again until the Galaxy S4 reboots. After that, the update is finished.

You can go to the About Device section again using steps 2 to 4 to check whether the installation of the update is successful.

If the process above still does not work for you, perform a factory reset using the steps under the #1 section of the article here. Then, perform steps 2 to 7 which were presented above.

#2 Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating Reminder

It seems many users are still asking about the causes of the phone overheating issue.

No matter what phone you are using, the common causes of phone overheating may be associated to the factors mentioned in the article that we have published before titled, Remedies for Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating, Auto-Restart and Recurring Prompt from SEAndroid. You can also apply the solutions posted in the article to relieve you of your trouble. The steps may slightly vary though depending on the unit you are using.

In addition to the solutions there, it is worth noting that viruses or malware can cause the issue too. So, be sure to equip your device with a reliable and updated antivirus software.

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