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Chinese Dual-SIM HTC One gets Android 4.2.2 Update, Others to Follow?



Some big news out there for Chinese users of the HTC One. It’s getting an update from the current 4.1.2 software to the 4.2.2 software. In terms of advancements, that’s a lot. Some advancements include:

  • Android 4.2.2
  • Lock Screen Widgets [Most Likely]
  • Enhanced Home Button Behavior
  • The ability to change options for the home button to get rid of the notification bar [the black bar with that one button]
  • A quick settings panel


And those are just a few. There’s probably lots more out there.

Now the question is: When will the international (European) and US versions get 4.2.2? The latest rumor (from @LlabTooFeR) is that the international versions could get it soon. Hopefully sometime in the next few weeks.

Another rumor is that the Red HTC One (which is at the moment, exclusive to the UK) could arrive out of the box with 4.2.2. The US versions (depending on the carriers) would probably follow a few short weeks after 4.2.2 is out for international Ones.

Naturally this is all interesting, but we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully someone converts this software into a ROM for the rest of us. Enjoy the update, for those of you that have a Chinese Dual-SIM HTC One.

Update: As of today, July 2nd, the Taiwanese HTC One is also getting Android 4.2.2. And  @LlabTooFer says that the final build for the European market will be 2.24.401.1. If that’s correct, we could even see the European update later this week.

Sources: Unwired View, @LlabTooFeR

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