Camera interface of the Moto X leaked

Moto X Camera

There’s still more than a week left for the announcement of the Moto X smartphone. And as expected, the leaks just don’t stop coming. Today, the camera app from the Moto X has been spotted and it seems to have heavy dependency on gestures. As the screenshot suggests, the camera app of the smartphone can be enabled with a simple twisting of the wrist gesture. This apparently works even when the device is locked.

We can also see a circular options tray which reveals a sound button, geo tagging button, panorama and a slow motion video toggle. Then there are the usual zoom gestures as well as the ability to take pictures by simply tapping the viewfinder screen. These are the features which are missing from stock Android, so it would be fair to assume that Motorola has some exclusive features on board. Or maybe these features would make its way to every stock Android device with Android 4.3. We’ve been predicting all along that Android 4.3 will be more than just a point upgrade. Perhaps we’ll learn more about this tomorrow during Google’s Android event.

Source: Android Police