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Beware of Fake Samsung Galaxy S4; How To Avoid Getting Scammed

With Samsung Galaxy S4’s popularity, consumer should expect fakes and imitations would flood the market in bid to undermine sales of authentic units. At least, two Reddit users complained having been scammed with fake Galaxy S4s. One of them bought the unit face-to-face with the seller in cash while the other bought his unit off eBay.

Despite their disappointments, buyers said the units they bought was a near perfect imitation and people who have little knowledge of Galaxy S4 and its physical features would probably be fooled by it. The selling point, however, was predictable: it was offered below the retail value. The target buyers are, of course, people who are looking for used and/or cheaper units. It’s a good thing both buyers didn’t keep the experience to themselves. At least, we know how to tell a fake Galaxy S4 from the real one.

Physical Features of Fake Galaxy S4

These features are based on how buyers described the unit.

  1. The center button (Home button) was placed too low.
  2. The Home buttons glowing outline (which is visible even if not lit) does not show up.
  3. The letters of Samsung’s logo on the front seems off.
  4. The vinyl protection at the back was said to be shotty.
  5. It has huge bezels.
  6. It obviously has lower resolution making app icons seem bigger.
  7. Parsing errors return during app installation.
  8. It’s a China phone.
  9. The model number at the back says its GT-i9500 but the number on the left edge shows GI9500.
  10. Smart features are not available.
  11. It has no GPS.
  12. The firmware shows version 4.2.2 but the build says GINGERBREAD.zskj6.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed

  1. When buying a unit in cash and face-to-face with a buyer, take your time in inspecting the device. The first place to start is the ‘About Phone’ section in Settings where you can find all necessary information including the model number, build number, OS version, etc.
  2. Don’t fall for the price. You should accept the fact that the Galaxy S4 is a premium smartphone with premium features and therefore, it just right Samsung would offer it way higher in price compared to non-flagship phones.
  3. If possible, use PayPal (or eBay) in paying for the device, at least, you can refute the transaction or get protected with Buyer Protection Policy.
  4. Always go to authorized Samsung outlets to buy a unit instead of believing what other people say about the device they’re offering.

For sure, the number of scammed buyers would increase in the following days or weeks as the fake Galaxy S4 gains traction in the market, so beware!

Here are some shots you might want to see to have a glimpse how a fake GS4 would look like:

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