AT&T worker warns anyone preparing to buy Galaxy S4 Active


Dale Denton, an AT&T worker, has given a warning to anyone thinking about purchasing a Galaxy S4 Active, claiming the Samsung smartphone is not actually waterproof and he has had several complaints from aggravated customers who cannot get a refund after submerging their smartphone and causing it to crash.

The Galaxy S4 Active had one main selling point, the fact it had a waterproof design. Samsung revealed it had IP67 rating, meaning it could be submerged in one meter of water for thirty-minutes without the phone failing.

Samsung has even released ads showing how the phone can be put into nasty situations and still come out working. However, this is apparently not the case when put into practice and several units are failing due to this, some even say this could contribute to a class-action lawsuit, if Samsung do not offer warranty for water damage on this device.

Impressively the AT&T worker has managed to cause quite a stir on Reddit, with many claiming they have had the same problem. The Galaxy S4 Active is definitely a water resistant phone, but it may not be a waterproof phone as Samsung claims it is.

We wonder if this will lead to anything and more importantly, how many Galaxy S4 Active owners are actually having this problem. It may be a small proportion of users finding they have left their phone in the fish-bowls for a little too long or the Galaxy S4 Active may actually be a little unstable.

Source: Reddit