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AT&T asserts having fastest, most reliable network

AT&T says that it has the “fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network” in the United States, according to a new press release and advertisement.


Its basis for the first part of the claim is a study on the average download speeds using Android and Windows Phone smartphones as well as the Apple iPhone 5. On the other hand, the claim for being the most reliable is based on a comparison of AT&T’s data transfer completion rates versus those of other 4G LTE networks in the country.

Apart from such studies, AT&T mentions that their claim is supported by other tests that are not affiliated with the wireless carrier. These tests include those undertaken by PCWorld/TechHive, PC Magazine, and RootMetrics. PCWorld/TechHive claims that in the 20-market speed tests that they performed, AT&T’s results in terms of download and upload speeds bested those of other companies for the second year in a row. PC Magazine, for its part, performed a 30-market test which involved six U.S. regions. AT&T once again took the top spot in such test. Lastly, RootMetrics named AT&T the network with the best performance in terms of voice calls, text, and data in various markets for the first half of 2013.

AT&T reveals that such top performance is due to various decisions. First, they put their radio network components adjacent to the top parts of their antennas in an effort to prevent much power loss and to optimize speed and reliability. Moreover, the wireless carrier has spread its core elements all over the country. These are the result of $98 billion worth of investment into the phone networks, which is supposedly more than what any other company has invested into the national economy. Such a huge amount allowed AT&T to be named a U.S. Investment Hero by the Progressive Policy Institute in the previous year.

With this new claim, AT&T is believed to be undermining its rival, Verizon, which is also generally known to have a reliable network. Verizon recently wrapped up its rollout of LTE in 500 markets, which is a bigger number than the 328 markets that AT&T services.

Prior to this announcement, AT&T held a press event called “What’s Next in Wireless” which highlighted the same achievement.

What’s your take on AT&T’s claim?

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