ASUS ready to enter US smartphone market next year


ASUS has been a mixed bag, with the company still uneasy about releasing a phone in the US, but completely prepared to launch multiple tablets, including the Transformer and Nexus line, into the US markets.

It seems the company does not want to enter an already over-saturated market without truly understanding the needs of the US buyers. Samsung has grasped a huge amount of the Android users, with HTC and Sony swooping the remains.

For ASUS to really make a stance, they will need a smartphone capable of going up against or actually excelling the Galaxy S4 and HTC One in specs, performance, design and price.

The PadFone and FonePad have both been clever devices and we can see ASUS keeping this brand alive, but we doubt the US is ready for a mixture of phone and tablet, with the mixture of PC and tablet on Windows 8 not doing so well at the moment.

ASUS does have good connections with Intel and we may see one of the first high-end Intel mobile processors inside the ASUS smartphone, if it ever comes to the US, we may also see it come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip of some kind.

An ASUS Chairman said they would not enter the market this year, but may enter next year. We believe the company has been looking at the US for a while and 2014 may be their time to strike.

Source: Android Community

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