Apple Files for “iWatch” Trademark In Japan

It looks like we may be seeing an Apple branded smartwatch soon as the company has filed a trademark application for the “iWatch” name in Japan. The company is said to have made the filing last June 3 but the records were only made public last Thursday. This comes a few weeks after it filed for the same trademark in Russia.


Apple is reportedly developing a smartphone watch in partnership with Intel. While Apple has not made any official comment on this yet Intel however said that they are indeed developing a smartwatch but they did not say who they are collaborating with.

The filing of the trademark isn’t a sure indicator though that the company will be releasing a smartwatch anytime soon. They may just be protecting the name so that no one can use it. There’s a good chance though that it is coming soon as sources close to the company’s plans have revealed that the company has been working with a team of 100 product designers to work on a wristwatch device that can connect wirelessly to the iPhone.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has said publicly that wearable technology were ripe for exploration. He however cautioned that “There’s nothing that’s going to convince a kid who has never worn glasses or a band or a watch to wear one, or at least I haven’t seen it.”

The next battleground for tech manufacturers is going to be wearable devices. Right now Google and Samsung are preparing for the release of their smartwatch models. Sony has lead in this department but the reception to the company’s smartwatch model from consumers is still mixed. Analysts have forecasted that 500 million of this device will be sold in the next 5 years making it an attractive market.

via forbes