Angry Birds Star Wars II announced by Rovio


Rovio has finally released the much awaited sequel to the Angry Birds Star Wars game with a formal announcement and some peppy looking screenshots. And for the first time in the series, users will be able to choose between two sides, meaning you can easily switch to the Pork Side to play against the birds.

It’s certainly a nice edge to the game and I’ll be eagerly waiting for the launch to see how it feels to be the bad guys for once. Rovio has also something called the TELEPODS launching in September. These are basically collectible action figures which can be brought to life by simply keeping it over the device during any level of the game.


September 19 is the release date, so there’s a little over two months left for the launch. I’m guessing Rovio wants to get things in order with all the purchasable merchandise and accessories before the launch, hence explaining the delay. We can expect a few million downloads on the day of the launch as with any Angry Birds release. Watch the teaser below to get your dose of Star Wars for the day.

Source: Rovio

Via: Android Guys

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