Android pushing past iOS in tablet market share


iOS and Android fought it out three years ago in the mobile space and we have seen Google’s homegrown OS on smartphones powering almost 70% of the mobile operating system, but in tablet sales Apple’s iPad has remained the top dog.

It seems Android is starting to get more growth on tablets as well though, with recent market share analysts pegging the OS at 67% of the market share, with Apple’s iOS dropping to 28% and Windows filling out the rest.

Apple will ship around fifteen million iPad and iPad Mini’s while the total number of Android tablet sales is likely to hit thirty five million. Currently the most successful tablets are the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, but we may see new competitors, especially in developing markets.

Google has been continuing to try and get the system less fragmented and have pushed Android developers to make tablet versions of their apps, for the progressively larger audience on Android using tablets.

The Google Play apps store for Android is still a little barren compared to the iOS store, but with big focus on reading, web browsing and watching movies, Google has pushed really hard to make Android an incredible tablet OS.

Source: Strategy Analytics

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