Android Phone of the Future Could be Powered by Eco-Friendly Silk Chips

There’s no denying the fact that our increased usage of electronic devices has caused a rise in waste management problems, and if we don’t seek to solve these issues we may soon run out of space to dump our old phones or PCs.

At the University of Illnois, Professor John Rodgers has recently talked to the Associated Press about their work on a new technology that uses thin silk as a replacement to the standard electronic chip.

As a naturally occurring material,  the silk used to hold circuits can easily be disposed of and will dissolve many times quicker than that of standard electronics equipment without causing any damage to the environment.

John Rodgers showed a simple radio circuit the size of a thumbnail that works as intended and also “self destructs” by itself thanks to the silk it is printed onto.

His ambitions for the future of what he has called the born to die project are to build upon the designs of the silk to create circuit boards capable of holding the innards of a mobile phone and then work on a mobile phone that is completely bio-degradable.

Judging by the simplicity of the circuit used in the video demonstrating the project compared to the complicated innards of a smart phone, it may be a long while before we see a fully bio-degradable Android phone of the future. I do think that this is a very positive step towards the future and it’s certainly something that could help the Earth in a big way.


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