Android Market Share vs. Apple, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian

What is Android’s Market Share?

How is Android dominating the smartphone OS battle in the United States? According to the most recent data that was collected in May 2013, Android has a 52.4% market share, or 13.2% more than its fiercest competitor, Apple. Apple, for its part, only has 39.2%. Following the Cupertino company is Blackberry, with only 4.8%, then Microsoft with an even lower 3%, and finally, Symbian, which has 0.4%.


Compared to data gathered in February 2013, the results show that Android has grown as the top smartphone platform. In February, Android had a 51.7% market share, or 0.7% less than the May 2013 data. Apple, likewise, registered a lower market share of 38.9% in February, or 0.3% less than the May figure.

It is important to point out that since the study was conducted, Nokia had announced its decision to cease shipping Symbian phones, recognizing the popularity of the other operating systems. In place of Symbian, Nokia stated that it will focus its efforts on developing smartphones based on Windows Phone OS. Although Symbian has a very small market share of only 0.4%, the death of such OS could mean growth for any of the remaining platforms.

These figures, which were taken from a comScore MobiLens study, is based on an online survey that involved a national representative sample of smartphone users with ages 13 years old and up. The study only considered the user’s primary smartphone and excluded secondary ones that the respondents may have owned.

Source: comScore