Android Jelly Bean Overtakes Gingerbread, Now Top Android OS

Google just released new data showing the statistics of their various Android versions. The results show that for the first time Android Jelly Bean has finally overtaken the other versions, including the popular Gingerbread version. This is probably the result of OEMs pushing Jelly Bean updates to most of their devices.


Comparing the market share by the numbers Jelly Bean now holds 37.9 percent, Ice Cream Sandwich holds 23.3 percent, Honeycomb has 0.1 percent, Gingerbread has 34.1, and Froyo has 3.1 percent.

The market share record last month showed that Jelly Bean had 33 percent, Ice Cream Sandwich had 25.6 percent, Honeycomb had 0.1 percent Gingerbread had 36.5 percent, and Froyo had 3.2 percent.

Comparing the month to month data shows that Jelly Bean had a significant increase breaching the 35 percent mark. Other Android versions showed a decline in usage. Ice Cream Sandwich is down 2.3 percent, Gingerbread is down 2.4 percent, and Froyo is down 0.1 percent

Bear in mind that Google recently tweaked their algorithm to collect the data needed to check the market share. The company explained how the data was being gathered “Beginning in April, 2013, these charts are now built using data collected from each device when the user visits the Google Play Store. Previously, the data was collected when the device simply checked-in to Google servers. We believe the new data more accurately reflects those users who are most engaged in the Android and Google Play ecosystem.”

It’s great to see that the latest Android version is currently the one most widely used today. One problem that this platform has is fragmentation as can be seen by the different versions of the OS.  Pushing out timely updates to various Android devices and releasing “Google Edition” models is one key to solve fragmentation.

via google