Android fragmentation is an overblown issue says co-creator of the platform


Android fragmentation is a ghost which has haunted Google ever since the horrid Gingerbread/Honeycomb fiasco and still hasn’t left its back. But one of the co-creators of the platform, Rich Miner, has a different view of it. He claims that the issue is being blown out of proportion and isn’t really a big deal for the 900 million Android users out there.

He said the following while speaking at the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council – “Us techies read the blogs and know what features we may be missing. I think if you asked a consumer, ‘Do you feel like your phone OS needs to be updated today?’ they’re pretty happy with the results and the performance they’re seeing. So I’m not sure it’s a major issue.”

This is perhaps a very positive way to look at the issue and one which makes some sense. Not everybody knows or cares about the Android version their smartphone is running. It is usually due to overhyped update roll outs and peer pressure that users display frustration on the manufacturers for being lousy with updates.

This however doesn’t justify why some manufacturers like LG and more recently HTC have left its loyal customers in the dark. So no matter what the co-creator of Android has to say, fragmentation is still an issue. But it’s good to look at the issue with a different point of view for a change.

Source: Xconomy

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