Android App Development Made Simple, Link To Cheat Sheet Included

The success of Google’s mobile operating system, Android, is apparent and each update puts the platform to new heights. Enthusiasts who might be thinking of developing their apps for Android can start right away knowing every resource to start out can be found and download from the internet for free. The problem, however, is that beginners are often get lost in the maze of downloading necessary applications to start coding…but not anymore.

Few months ago, a start up developer released its first published application that gained traction just a few days after having been approved by Google’s review team. Together with the release of his app, he also released a cheat sheet that, according to him, served as his ultimate guide in developing his first successful Android application, Saving Made Simple.

This post may sound like it’s some kind of a promotion but it’s not. We just felt the necessity to share the Google doc he put together with all necessary details and links he included on the list.

He started the cheat sheet with instructions and explanations on setting up Eclipse IDE, which according to him a fancy way of saying ‘the program you do the coding in.’ He also tackled a little introduction in Android app development design as well as intro to Java and Android in general. After pointing out the basics, he also shared tools he used for more advanced development process.

Overall, the developer, Ryan Park, was kind enough to share things he did from the setting up of every platform and programs that was obviously useful to him, applications for designs, links to important resources, tips and tricks of the development process, bug testing, monetization strategies, and finally publishing. Basically, the skill level varies from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. But with the guide he provided, everything seemed easy even for people who never had any background in Android app development.

Now, here is the link to that great resource Mr. Park put together: Android App Development Cheat Sheet.


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