1.5 million Android devices activated per day


Google Q2 earnings call may have missed some expectations, but Android is still blooming and Google is currently activating around 1.5 million device per day, a step up from the 1 million activations back in 2012.

Larry Page said he was very proud of the progress Android was making in the world and announced 900 million activations, a number mirrored at Google I/O a month ago. We believe they are very close to making the number 1 billion.

Android started back in 2008 and Google wanted to make it open to hardware manufacturers, instead of selling the software licensing. Google believed with the move to mobile, they had to get more people invested in Google services and to do this they needed their own mobile OS.

Samsung currently holds the most ground on Android, with HTC mopping up second place and half a dozen other manufacturers making up the other 25% of Android. Even though Android has not been very successful in the US, developing countries have taken a liking to it, mopping away BlackBerry’s hold on certain regions.

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