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Android 4.3 spotted on the Samsung Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Android 4.3

A unit of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been spotted running on Android 4.3, from an image accessed by Temefy. We’re not sure if the image is legit, but given what we heard a few days ago, it does make sense. It is yet to be seen if Samsung is skipping Android 4.2 for the Note II and the Galaxy S3 to directly roll out Android 4.3, because no official announcement has been made yet.

It is believed that the whole process is dependent on Google’s announcement this Wednesday. If Android 4.3 is announced by Google, we could see the roll out process become more streamlined for the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S3. However if that doesn’t work out, the Android 4.2.2 build is already being worked on. So essentially, Samsung doesn’t have a lot to worry about with regards to updating both of its flagship smartphones from 2012.

Android 4.3 has leaked in the past for smartphones like the Nexus 4, so it’s only a matter of time till Google announces the new update and puts an end to all the rumors. Manufacturers like Samsung and HTC however will take some time to build an update from scratch with all the custom features and apps onboard.

Source: Temefy

Via: Phone Arena

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