A Look at the Galaxy S4 Air View App Problems and Solutions

galaxy s4 air view

Many users complain about the Air View feature of their Galaxy S4 not functioning. So far, the common cause of this problem is an improper configuration of the phone’s settings. Then, there are also other factors that affect the way that the app functions. We will tackle all the causes here one by one as well as the solutions for each.

Enabling the Galaxy S4 Air View App

Before anything else, check first if your Air View app has been properly configured. To activate it, just follow these simple steps:

1. Press Menu button

2. Go to Settings.

3. Proceed to My Device.

4. Select Motions and Gestures under the Input and Control section

5. Move the slider next to Air View to the right. The switch will appear green once enabled.

6. After that, tap Air Gesture to reveal more customization options.

7. Activate the Quick Glance, Air Jump, Air Browse, Air Move and Air Call-Accept features of the app from there to maximize its functions.

Other Factors that May Affect the Galaxy S4 Air View

According to Time Tech, the Galaxy S4 Air View only works on Samsung’s own apps. That means it will not support third-party apps.

Then, this app will not function well in a poorly lit room. Its sensors located in the front-facing camera must have ample light to work properly. One contributor in Android Central noted that the Air View app seems to function well under a fluorescent bulb lighting when no natural light is available. So, see to it you have enough lighting in your area and that the sensor is not covered by an invisible shield protector.

You should check as well if the sensor of your phone is okay. You can test it by long-pressing Quick Glance and by moving your fingers or palm along the sensors. This will confirm if it is a hardware-related issue or not. If it is a hardware issue, better call your dealer or Samsung about it and request for a repair or replacement of the unit.

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