A change in battery led to the recent Galaxy S III explosion incident

Galaxy S III Explosion

We recently told you how an 18 year old girl from Switzerland had her Samsung Galaxy S III spontaneously explode while in her trousers, leading to third degree burns and a completely wrecked phone. It has now come to light that the real reason behind this explosion was the battery inside the device.

Investigations have revealed that the battery on the smartphone wasn’t Samsung made. So we’re guessing the girl was using a third party alternative. The folks over at Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research have backed up Samsung’s claims.

This means that Samsung isn’t responsible for the explosion and can hence breathe easy. This is similar to the Galaxy S III explosion incident from last year, where it was revealed that the owner kept the smartphone inside a microwave oven. Although in this case, we’re not sure if we can blame the girl as it happened without any foul play. However, it might have been a better idea to buy an original Samsung made battery as a replacement to the stock battery.

This means that Samsung has come out of a scandal scot free yet again, as many of us initially expected.

Source: Le Matin

Via: Android Police

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  1. This is BS. My phone heats up to the point that I’m scared it’s going to explode. Samsung is not off the hook as far as I’m concerned.

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