Yahoo acquires start up conference call service Rondee


Yahoo has been on a huge acquisition spree since Marissa Mayer took charge, with ten acquisitions since stepping in as CEO of the topsy-turvy Internet company.

Just this month Yahoo completed the deal for Tumblr, costing the company $1.1 billion. This was a questionable acquisition, considering Tumblr only made $20 million revenue this year.

Yahoo seems to be confident in their smaller acquisitions for talent and tech, making sure they incorporate it in newer applications and making sure the talented teams get started on new Yahoo projects.

They have just finished an acquisition of Rondee, a free conference call service started in 2007. Even though the startup has not been the most successful service, falling to Skype and other VOIP services, it has been used by numerous enterprise level companies.

Rondee will shut the doors to all new users today, then slowly begin crumbling the service down in the coming month, finishing around August. Yahoo will probably release a clone of this to fit with their business interests, as they have with Summly and other services.

Source: TechCrunch