Xbox Revokes DRM- Proof that Gamers Should Voice their Opinion and Be Proud of It


Whilst it’s a bit of a headache listening to gamers argue over which console is better, it’s been pretty clear who to pitch for this generation so far thanks to Microsoft and their ridiculous attempts at milking their previously loyal gaming fanbase.

Since Microsoft announced the DRM features on the Xbox One such as the online 24/7, no used games, region locks and other restrictions, everyone has been pretty mad and has since found safety within the walls of Sony who have understandably felt pretty smug about the whole ordeal.

It seems that Microsoft has seen the outcry, and, instead of ignoring our pleas, they’ve actually took a step backwards and have  (almost) made an apology for their complete lack of respect towards the majority of their consumer base.

Actions speak a lot louder than words, and  Microsoft understands that too– Microsoft have recently made an announcement on the Xbox website to state that they are revoking the previously planned restrictive features. This will include no more online 24/7, no more region locks, and a lot less of a restriction on used games.

This is obviously a good thing for anybody already wanting an Xbox One, but I expect a lot of you out there are still not trusting Microsoft and will stick to Sony regardless of the change.

This is completely understandable– after a company makes a move like this, it’s not something that’s going to be forgotten, but Microsoft have tried to change that, and that right there is why this day is a milestone for video gaming.

The title of the Xbox One post stating all of the changes is titled ‘Your Feedback Matters’ and it seems this really is true- As companies push towards corporate deals and start to rake in a lot of money, it’s hard to imagine any feedback truly matters unless there is a big wad of cash involved, so it’s very surprising to see this step taken from Microsoft.

So, although Microsoft has already screwed up, and Sony’s PlayStation 4 is still looking a lot more welcoming than the Xbox One right now, this day should be remembered as a day to signify that our opinions as gamers do matter, and by speaking out we do have a chance of changing the industry.

The gaming industry has seen a lot of changes recently to help support publishers push for extra money, and we’re seeing strange strategies involving pre-planned DLC and annual releases of rehashed games enter the market, but perhaps if we object against these kind of money-grabbing tactics for long enough, we may have a chance of changing that as well.

We as gamers have the power to allow indie games like Minecraft see global success capable of rivaling publishers’ titles that are backed by huge marketing campaigns just through the power of word, and as we’ve seen today, we as gamers also have the power to stop drastic changes in the industry that could turn both a gamer’s and a developer’s passion into nothing more than a landfill of games used to drain out our banks, budgets and wallets as quickly as possible.


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