Xbox One will allow users to share games with 10 family members


Even though the used game problem is still floating around the Xbox One, as well as the Kinect privacy issues, Microsoft has released some soothing news regarding the borrowing schemes for users.

Xbox One users will be allowed to share a catalogue of different games to 10 family members, this sharing portal will allow you and a family member to play the same game at the same time, although only one family member can play at once.

This will work through the ‘Shared Games Library’ and we believe Xbox One users will have to manually import games to the library for family members to play on, this means not all games will be playable and Microsoft may cap the amount of games in the library.

It will be hard for Microsoft to detect who is a family member and who is a friend, unless they only allow family members under the same second name or with the same credit card. Either of these would make the sharing portal a lot less useful.

However, this doesn’t really resolve the problem with lending your game to a friend, something Xbox 360 fans have enjoyed. We believe Microsoft is cooking up something for E3, but right now they are in the dumps.

Source: Kotatu

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