Xbox One Gamers Will Pay $59.99 for New Games


If Microsoft planned on purposely agitating their fans as much as possible, they’d bump up the price point for each individual game that a gamer may want to purchase for his or her game collection.

Luckily, (for those that still actually want an Xbox One) Microsoft has announced that new Xbox One games will only cost $59.99, making them the same price for current new Xbox 360 games.

This means that although gaming can turn out to be an expensive hobby, at least it won’t be getting any more expensive.

Video games have slowly started to rise in price over the last two decades, and paying 60 bucks for a new game would have seen as a normal act if it weren’t for the rise in smartphone gaming. Instead, gamers are often left wondering why they might consider spending $60 on a game when they can spend $2 on a game that may end up being just as enjoyable on a mobile.

I admit that mobile gaming is not close to standard console gaming yet, but would it make sense for developers to lower the prices on their games? Who knows, they may even generate more profit from shipping a larger volume of games. (Hint: Angry Birds announced a total of 1 billion downloads in 2012, making EA’s 100 million sales on its 25 year-long NFL franchise look puny.)

source: theverge

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