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Windows Phone Screenshots Leaked to Show 8.1 UI


We all know Windows Phone 8.1 is coming. What Windows Phone 8.1 will actually consist of though is a different story.

I’m hoping for a completely revitalized system that will give users a more streamlined experience, as well as some new features that may give us reason to purchase an Xbox One, but what will actually come from the 8.1 is currently unknown, although there are a few rumors going around about what it may contain.

A reddit user has recently posted a bunch of screenshots from a Lumia 920 that seems to be running an internal Windows Phone build. It doesn’t say anything about 8.1, but seeing as the changes aren’t yet on Windows Phone 8, I think we can safely assume that 8.1 will include changes similar to the screenshots, although perhaps a bit more refined.

So far, these screenshots show off a redesigned calendar interface, making sorting functions a lot smoother, and one screenshot shows images of an early notification center.

The build does have the name 12084.WPMAIN(wpbldlab).20130509-1407, hinting that the build was from May 9th, so the images we see will probably be a lot less choppy on the final build if we ever see these features come to light.

The reddit user said he purchased the Lumia 920 from eBay and found it with this software build, and then uploaded a bunch of screenshots of the software on Flickr.


What are your opinions on the screenshots?

Source: The Verge

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