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Will the HTC One Mini Rival the Galaxy S4 Mini?


Since Apple has been pretty dormant so far this year, it’s given HTC the chance to take as many hits as it can against Samsung and its incredibly popular Galaxy range. And if rumors are to be true, HTC won’t just be stopping with the HTC One this year, and will instead face Samsung head on all the way through the year.

A few rumors have spread around stating that the speculated HTC Mini or HTC M4 will find a release sometime in July, conveniently placed right next to the expected release date of the Galaxy S4 Mini, which is also placed in July.

This will create a ‘tug-of-war’ between the devices as they both compete for the top spot. In my opinion, this actually seems like a smart move for HTC, as it will likely create a bit of rivalry between the two companies, allowing HTC to gain a bit more recognition every time Samsung mentions their name.

On top of the HTC Mini rumor, there are also whispers going around stating the that the rumored HTC phablet, the T6, will make its way to the market later this year much closer to the time the Galaxy Note 3 will hit the market. Rumored to sport a huge 5.9 inch screen, and a powerful 2.3GHz quad core processor, the T6 is bound to put up a fight.

These are all rumors though, and right now there’s no real way of knowing if these are HTC’s plans or not.

Source: TechRadar

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