Vine becomes the top selling social app on the play store

We have seen many new social apps emerge in the past few years and without doubt one of the most famous app on the play store is Instagram. Instagram has been the top social app on the play store for quite some time but today, Vine has finally surpassed Instagram to grab the top social app spot on the play store.

Vine twitter

We had no doubts about the ability and the popularity of the app among Smartphone users especially after coming to know that the app had hit 13 million downloads on the app store in just a matter of 5 months. Since, the app was finally available on android; we expected some tough competition from competitors like Instagram. But looks like the popularity of the app on the app store has helped it gain users on the Google play store too.

Although the app has gained a lot of popularity in this short span, there are chances that you may have never heard of the same. If any of you fall in that category, here’s some info about the app.

Vine is one of the serious acquisitions of twitter this year which allows users to create and edit short 6 second videos and post it on their social networking websites.

The app interface is exciting and the developers have been adding new functionalities to the app regularly. The app allows users to use both front and rear cameras and allows users to edit these videos after which they can easily share it to sites like twitter. Naturally, one can find more twitter shares than on Facebook but the number of shares is growing pretty rapidly.

Also, it is worth mentioning that according to Topsy Analytics, the number of Vine shares on twitter have surpassed the number of Instagram shares for the first time since its launch. This clearly shows how the app is attracting new users and we may even see it jump up from the current 4th position in the free apps section on the play to store to 3rd or 2nd position soon.