Video features will be coming to Instagram on June 20


Instagram could be getting video features similar to Vine and other popular short video apps at Facebook’s event on June 20. The update would allow Facebook to challenge Twitter on the video front, as they do in many other areas.

The update would allow users to take both photos and short videos, Instagram will allow up to ten seconds of video, three seconds more than Vine.

Instagram does have an established userbase, at 100 million users, but Vine has also shot up in numbers, currently residing at around 20 million active users since the Android launch last week.

Many big users of Vine have gained fan-bases with funny short comedy sketches, ironically a lot of support has come from Facebook, through pages displaying popular Vine videos.

For Instagram to snap up a huge majority of the Vine users, they would need to make the Instagram video experience more intuitive and easy to use than Vine, which we believe will be hard for a well established photo sharing service.

However, this is only a rumour and should be taken as such. We have also heard Facebook will be developing an RSS reader and will unveil this at the event on June 20.

Source: TechCrunch