Verizon Finally Pulls the Plug on its Latest Galaxy S3 Update


More than a week ago, we have reported that Verizon rolled out a Galaxy S3 update to its subscribers to supposedly enhance the features of the unit. However, the opposite was experienced by people who availed the Galaxy S3 update. Based on comments of customers which we observed in DroidLife, it has caused massive problems to the performance of the said phone. Among the problems experienced by Galaxy S3 owners were LTE connectivity issues, low data speeds, more battery life consumption and a bloatware called Caller Name ID.

Verizon Puts a Halt on the Galaxy S3 Update

The update is considered to be Verizon’s biggest to date, especially the introduction of its Multi Window function, said the source. But later the problems in the connectivity of the updated devices started surfacing in huge numbers. Just recently, the support team of the carrier acknowledged it too. So, Verizon finally decided to pull the plug on the latest Galaxy S3 update.

No Solution Yet from Verizon

It is sad to note though that Verizon has not been able to provide a fix for the affected units of the Galaxy S3 as of the moment. But the carrier is said to be working with Samsung right now to come up with a way to solve the issue. Presently, it is up to the users who availed the update to find a solution for the issues that they are experiencing.

Alternative Solutions

Our previous report pointed out that some users have found out that rebooting their devices will likely fix the issues. Another way is by toggling the Airplane mode of the unit on and off. Others have gone as far as changing the network settings of the phone from Global to LTE/CDMA. The rest were able to get out of this predicament by resetting back to factory settings. On the other hand, the bloatware can be removed via the subscriber’s account in Verizon website.

It should be remembered though that the alternative solutions may or may not work on some versions of the Galaxy S3. So, if you are one of the people who weren’t able to make any of the fixes here to work, keep on checking our site for more updates about the subject soon.

Source: DroidLife

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