Updated iMac expected to ship in June or July


Along with the Macbook lines Apple is also updating the iMacs to Haswell chips the updated iMacs are expected to ship in late June or early July. Analyst have seen a drop in iMac sales this quarter compared to last quarter, last quarter Apple sold 1.75 million units compared to 650,000 this quarter. The update to Haswell will hopefully boost sales, Apple is expected to ship 1.1 million units in the next quarter this will then put all of the main Macs on a level footing with each other upgrade cycle wise.

There will be now design changes to the next generation of iMac since the line was redesigned late last year, we expect spec boosts for the next generation and maybe some software changes but apart from that it is more of the same. Then again there was a new prototype Wi-Fi card that had surfaced that was the same size as the one currently used iMacs but supporting a new frequency. Granted a new Wi-Fi card isn’t dazzling enough to make you want a new iMac but it is an upgrade nonetheless.

The Haswell promises better performance with less power use so this will be a greener iMac than the last generation which fits in with the companies move to become more ecofriendy.

Source: MacRumours 

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