Trade-In Your Phone For A Nokia Lumia, Get As Much As $300

If you’ve ever wanted to use a Nokia Lumia but are stuck with your current smartphone then the latest Trade-Up program of Nokia of America might interest you. If you are living in the United States then you might want to trade-in your old smartphone and get as much as $300 which can be used to get a new Nokia Lumia smartphone.


Here’s how the program works. First you have to go to the website where the promo is offered. You’ll have to provide details about the smartphone you want traded in so as to get its estimated trade-up cost. I tried placing in an iPhone 4S 64 GB of AT&T and the trade-up estimate is $280. Different smartphone models will have different trade-up costs.

The next step is to buy any Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 that you like. Once you have your new Lumia device register it and ship in your old smartphone with the proof of purchase of your new Lumia. Nokia will then mail you a Visa Prepaid card that contains the trade-up amount of your old smartphone.

What happens to your old smartphone? Nokia announced that Clover Wireless will be responsible in reconditioning the device and reselling it. Any information present in the smartphone when sent will be deleted and SIM cards that are included will be destroyed.

If you have more than one smartphone to trade-in then you can do so. They will be treated as separate transactions however only 5 transactions are allowed per household.

The Trade-Up program will definitely be beneficial for those who want to try out a new Lumia device.

via nokia