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Top 5 HTC One Most Common Problems, Solutions & Workarounds Provided

HTC One could be the best-looking, powerful smartphone for 2013 but just like any other smartphones available in the market today, it is not free from problems and errors. Digging a little deeper into the world of HTC One owners, there were several problems we found out that are still bugging users even until now. This post will enumerate some of the most common issues with HTC One. We also provided possible solutions and workarounds.

Please note that the steps we’ve provided are recommendations only. We do not and can not force you to follow them. If you have other problems that weren’t included in this short list, feel free to tell us about them by emailing us at We guarantee to help find solutions for them, although we may not be able to respond to every email we receive.

#1. HTC One Keeps Freezing Caused By Apps

There are a number of reasons why your HTC One becomes unresponsive. But so far, the most common of them all is cause by an unstable application. Majority of those who complained having experienced this problem said that they have installed a new application that could have triggered the problem.

To solve this problem, the user would have to remember what application(s) he or she has installed prior to the problem. In that way, the issue can easily be isolated and correct troubleshooting steps can be done right there and then.

Supposing you already know what applications caused the issue, the next thing you must do is try to disable or uninstall it to know there is an improvement after that. Otherwise, you would have to find the application that could have caused the problem. Start by looking at larger and heavier apps.

It is recommended you clear the cache and data of the applications you suspect to have affected your phone’s performance. But you should know that by doing so, your personal settings as well as saved games (for game apps) would be lost.

#2. HTC One Goes Low On Internal Memory

You would know that your phone has memory issues because it would start displaying low memory error messages. Or, you wouldn’t be able to download and install new applications from the Play Store. Consequently, your device will run incredibly slow to the point that you’d be disappointed with its performance.

Fortunately, problems like this can easily be resolved:

  1. Find apps you are not using anymore and uninstall them to free up some space.
  2. Clear the cache of large applications on your device.
  3. If you’re on Sprint, the carrier offers a tool to determine the amount of storage memory left in your device using the Sprint Zone application, which comes natively installed.

Low internal memory would always be solved with proper management of files and apps.

#3. Lags Due To Multiple Apps Running In The Background

While HTC One does not come short in terms of performance, there are times when there were too many applications running in the background causing the device to lag or even freeze from time to time. This problem is very common especially to people who don’t usually reboot their phone daily.

In times that HTC One lags, the owner should immediately check for the apps running in the background and close each one of them to optimize its performance. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Double-tap the Home key to see a grid of recent apps.
  2. Swipe each one upward to close them.

Rebooting  your phone would also clear all third-party apps running in the background, or at least some of them. If you’re always experiencing this problem, we strongly advise you use a third-party task manager for your HTC One. Advanced Task Killer has a paid version that would disallow apps to run in the background automatically.

#4. HTC One Home / Back Button Unresponsive

Another common problem users have experienced with their phone is the lag or even unresponsiveness of the capacitive Home  and/or the Back button. Fortunately, this problem is nothing serious at all, or at least, no user ever reported not having to use his/her device because the capacitive buttons won’t function.

First thing to do when this problem happens is to check whether there is a slight corrosion over each capacitive button. It is advised that they should be cleaned used a soft cloth to make sure fingers make contact with them better. If this has been done and the problem persists, you may have to check a few settings.

Go to Settings => Language & Input => Advanced => Calibration tool. Use a light touch to calibrate it. Doing this may solve the problem and would add a little more responsiveness to the capacitive buttons.

#5. Background Noise While Playing Music

Many have been complaining of a static sound or a background noise while playing media files, especially music, and it started since the time of HTC One X last year. Some users said the problem was with their headset and others said it was with the headphone jack. Actually, the problem may be caused by both / either hardware or software.

For software-related issues with audio, owners are advised to try to disable Beats Audio by tapping on the gear icon on the Notification Panel. It is one of the features of HTC devices and it affects the overall quality of the audio. A small portion of users said turning off the NFC function would also solve this problem.

But after doing those things that are believed to remedy software-related audio issues and the problem still exists, owners are advised to use a different kind of headset / headphones to isolate the problem. If it persists, an appointment with a technician should be required or they might consider having to request a replacement.

Email Us Your Problems

Again, we are open to read about the problems you have encountered with your device. Shoot us an email at and we will see what we can do about those problems.

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    My HTC One E9+ shuts down when I start using Mobile Data or Wifi. (Eg: With battery level at 100%, when I use Google Maps; it starts blinking the power red bulb and if I continue to use it; it shuts down. However; If I switch data off without continuing; problem solves. Due to this; I can’t use data apps or internet in my phone. Please help.

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