Top 5 Best Features Of The New iOS 7

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled their next mobile operating system called the iOS 7 earlier the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The new operating system has a new look and feel to it and should be available in beta form to iPhone developers today. A public release is expected to arrive shortly this fall.

iOS 7

During the presentation of iOS 7 several of its new features were presented to the media. The redesigned software will definitely make your existing Apple mobile device seem new. According to Cook “We want to make the best product that people use more and love more than anyone else’s.”

Modern User Interface

One of the first things noticeable about the new iOS 7 is that it sports a completely new interface. While the overall look hasn’t changed (you will still be able to access the home screen, lock screen, and apps as you normally would) it has been redesigned to be flatter. You will notice that there is a transparency effect in the screens. The device is also able to track motion when you move it in your hand which allows you to see behind the icons.

Control Center

One of the features that will be checked immediately by iOS users is the new Control Center. This feature can be accessed anytime by swiping up on the screen. This allows users to immediately access the device settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb Mode, Music controls, AirDrop, AirPlay, and screen brightness.

Better Multi-Tasking

While multi-tasking isn’t a new feature it has been made better in iOS 7. Previously you will have to tap on the Home button twice to bring up a list of icons representing the apps that are running in the background. The new OS now shows large windows which show the app’s interface in action. It’s also been designed for minimal power requirements.

Anti-Theft Feature

It’s a known fact that the iPhone is one of the most stolen mobile devices today due to its high resale value. The previous anti-theft feature called Find My Phone was easy to bypass since criminals can simply turn off the device and wipe it clean before selling. Apple makes it difficult for criminals to resell iPhone’s by introducing the Activation Lock. This makes it difficult to activate an iPhone since it would require the owner’s iCloud username and password.


Notifications just got better in iOS 7 which now intelligently separates them between categories. Examples of categories include All, Missed and Today. You will also be able to access your notifications for the first time from the lock screen.

via droid-life