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Tizen will be Among the Top 3 Mobile OS According to Analyst

[Photo Source: BGR]
[Photo Source: BGR]
Currently, the smartphone industry is dominated by the iOS and Android platforms, which are owned respectively by Apple and Google. The two are followed by Windows Phone 8, the BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu, Firefox and some others. But with the high popularity of the Samsung brand in the mobile phone market, a report from Bloomberg said that it is already poised to release its first operating system for its mobile devices known as the Tizen.

The Unveiling Date

According to the article from Bloomberg, the Intel-backed Samsung OS is set to be released later this year. There is no exact date yet for the unveiling because there is no official statement from the company at this time.

Tizen’s Edge

Tizen-based devices are expected to be cheaper than the popular models like the iPhone, said the report. So, they will certainly appeal more to consumers especially in developing markets such as the Asia-Pacific region, added the source.

Joshua Flood, an analyst at ABI Research, said in his interview that Asian mobile operators are becoming very unhappy with the constantly rising costs of smartphones. Customers want handsets to be as cheap as possible so the lower-priced OS could mean pushing the handset prices down to a point wherein it will be very affordable even to low and middle-ranged buyers.


Due to the advantages that the OS is expected to bring to customers, the analyst said that Tizen is set to become the sixth largest mobile operating system in the world upon its introduction. It will put it just below the popular Android, iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows operating systems, he explained.

Then, Flood pointed out that by next five years, it might catapult itself in the top five, giving it at least 3.3 percent share in the smartphone shipments from its initial. If the momentum of the OS will be stable, it may eventually overtake the other operating systems to become the third in the overall rankings worldwide (just behind the Android and iOS), a related report from BGR mentioned.

Source: Bloomberg and BGR

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