The Walking Dead ‘400 Days’ DLC spotted on Steam database


Telltale Games award winning season video game, The Walking Dead, could be getting some new DLC before the big second season, which we believe will follow on from where Season 1 left off.

The Walking Dead ‘400 Days’ DLC was spotted on the Steam database in the game’s history, this update is for both PC and Mac. We would suspect Telltale to roll the DLC out to other platforms they have worked on, like Xbox Live and iOS.

Telltale recently posted up three short clips to Vine, regarding the DLC. The first was ‘Day 2’, with a snapshot of three characters with large emphasis on Vince.

The second was ‘Day 200’ regarding a woman named Bonnie and Georgia, where The Walking Dead season one is set for some time.

The third was ‘Day 184’ with a young graduation photo of a man named Russel. It cuts off at the end of the Vine to the number 40, indicating something bad happened on that day.

Telltale did say in interviews The Walking Dead may feature more before the second season is upon us, perhaps some backstory to the first season would be nice, before the onslaught of sadness we expect from season two.

Source: Steam Database

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