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The Plastic Galaxy S4 may Look Cheap, but Samsung’s Torture Test Proves Otherwise


As smartphones have evolved, manufacturers have managed to ensure that the previous easily shattered handsets are now much harder to break, and whilst there are specific handsets that go through a routine check of vigorous testing, you may be surprised to see just how much Samsung checks their plastic Galaxy S4 before giving it the go-ahead.

Samsung has recently posted a video that explains the process a batch of Samsung Galaxy S4s will go through before they are accepted and are approved to be sold on shop floors, and I’m pleasantly surprised to see just how much of a punch the new Galaxy flagship can take.

I’m not sure if these handsets will go through tests like this routinely or only at the start of production as the video isn’t in English, but viewers of all languages can still watch as Samsung attempt to batter the Galaxy S4 to pieces.

The Galaxy S4 is seen undergoing a load of different tests to ensure decent quality, and some of the highlights that are worth mentioning are when the phone can take more impact than a walnut, can fall the distance it takes a mug to smash without taking a scratch, and can withstand temperatures that can melt ice and butter.


Source: AndroidPolice

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