Symbian is now officially dead

Well its official, Symbian is dead.

What was once, one of the most used OS, Symbian is now dead after Nokia Pureview 808, the last handset running on Symbian platform stopped shipping.

symbian dead

This news is not that surprising as Nokia had already announced that they would stop making Symbian handsets back in 2011, when they partnered up with Microsoft for making windows devices. But there are still around 200 to 300 million symbian devices in the market and Nokia assures that they will support these devices till 2016.

But Nokia won’t directly develop and support Symbian. Infact, the company has smartly outsourced this task to Accenture. So, it will be the guys at Accenture along with the other Nokia staff who got transferred to the company who will be supporting Symbian devices.

But what made the company ditch Symbian in favor of windows platform?

The answer is progress. Symbian is a very complex operating system which is particularly difficult to modify and develop. To give you a perspective on its complexity, it took the company about 22 months to develop a new symbian device. That’s almost two years which clearly shows that the OS is not built to compete with competitors like android, iOs and windows phone. It takes only about a year for Nokia to build a windows phone which is almost half the time frame required by Symbian.

Naturally, Nokia ditched it in favor of windows phone.

Surprisingly, Nokia decided to use Symbian for the last time on their 41MP device, the Pureview 808. We are sure had it been running on a platform like Windows, it would have fared much better in the market. And now, the device has stopped shipping almost a year after its launch which brings the end of the Symbian platform.

The road with Windows platform has not been that smooth for Nokia till now. After the glory with Symbian, Nokia has not yet managed to get the most from windows devices.  But things are looking much better with their latest Lumia series running on windows 8 OS. And hence we believe that we may see better sales and quarterly figures in the coming months.