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Sprint To Shut Down Nextel Network on Sunday


Nextel is now officially dead. In joining other companies in announcing they are also killing off products, Sprint has joined the fun. Can you believe it’s been 9 years since they acquired Nextel? Since they bought it in 2004, no one calls Sprint “Sprint/Nextel” anymore except stock owners and analysts. General people just call it “Sprint”, which it’ll be on Sunday.

The network was called “iDEN”. The Nextel network was used for push-to-talk phones, like those items used in such places as construction sites and other sites where instant voice communication is needed. Sprint is now pushing people (probably effectively) to their new “Sprint Direct Connect” CDMA service, which essentially runs on the same network as general phones.

When the service is dead after Sunday, no more voice calls will work, no more data will work, and 911 calls will also not work. This shut down is being done to free up that spectrum for use on their constantly growing LTE network. Hopefully it brings the service to my friends on Sprint LTE phones in my area. Anyways, hope you’re off the network.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Sprint PR

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